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Clearing your food puts you in a great mood!

Have you ever thought about what your food has been through before it arrives in your kitchen? From the farmer to the stock person at the store, our food gets handled by a minumum of 5-10 people before we ever purchase it.

Each person who handles our food imbues it with their thoughts and whatever mood they happen to be in during that day.

This means you, as the end consumer, end up processing all that extra baggage when you eat it.

The Clearing Cut Board relieves you of that burden by removing negative, dense energies from your food and infusing it with high vibrational healing frequencies as you prepare it.

Each Clearing Cut Board is crafted according to the Golden Ratio and utilizes a Tensor Ring in order to shift the energies your food has taken on prior to it's arrival in your kitchen.

Information about the Golden Ratio and Tensor Rings can be found in the videos below.

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Nourishment is about connecting to your food on all levels. Knowing where your food comes from, spending time growing and preparing your food. Acknowledging all the qualities- macronutrients, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). My Frequency Cutting Board takes this to a whole new level by bringing a deeper connectedness between me and my food. It supercharges it and promotes the nourishment my mind, body, and soul need. 

Ashley V., Stockton

1st cuts today on my new high vibe board!  The wood slats are perfectly cut and arranged according to the divine ratio & there’s a copper tensor ring embedded in the bottom of the board that emits a frequency of 528Hz. I love imbuing my food with the organizing energies of all of life before I consume it!

Bon appetite!

Dr. Jennifer H, Minneapolis

I’m so glad I ordered one and man, the pictures simply do not do justice the level of craftsmanship that went into making this cutting board.I had no doubt whatsoever you did great work, and the pictures show great work, but what I took out of the box was nothing less than exceptional and true artistry. Mindy was like “and you know the guy that made this? Wow!”Can’t wait to use it.Thanks for taking the time to make these and the level of effort you put into them. Will cherish for decades to come.

Jon S., Colorado